Hello Paris

August 31, 2016

I just love to be explore places in a short amount of time, right? I’m really blessed to be able to join in a trip in Paris. We drove for more than 5 hours and arrived in our hotel in Vincennes at around midnight. I had a cozy little room on my own, too bad I didn’t take a photo it. Now I kind of regret it.



France in night is bright, brighter than the streets of Belgium.

Morning after breakfast, I took the chance to explore a little bit in the town. In a short distance, there’s the Château de Vincennes nearby. The place was huge and looked empty but I could feel the long history that was with it.



After lunch, we continued to our destination, the Eiffel tower. Looking for a parking space was sure a challenge, we had to go around the tower just to look for one. Paris reminded me of the cities in Belgium, but this time, Paris is a lot more bigger. The aesthetics of the place was dream-like. The French were able to retain these architecture is amazing. Everywhere you turn in Paris would make you feel inspired.


And finally we met, Eiffel Tower. I never thought I’ll be able to go here and see it in person. Even after moving to Belgium. It was such a dream.

I didn’t feel the scorching heat until we walked away into the park to get a full shot of the tower. The heat felt familiar — Philippines, less humid and uncomfortable though. We wanted to go to the top of the tower but the heat and the long lines discouraged us.





At this point, after crossing the bridge, I decided to split up to meet with my friends. I decided to use this opportunity to hang with my friends because I might not have the opportunity next time. They live in Paris, and we’ve only met online.

We decided to go to Louvre next, by bus, and man… It was jam-packed and stinky, good thing I’m already used to it (hello Philippines). Getting off at the stop, finally, was the Louvre. We didn’t decide to go inside because we didn’t really have time and I’m pretty sure it’ll be pretty crowded (and noisy). Definitely not a mood for some museum-visiting. I prefer a quiet mood when going in museums, because for me, going into museums means to appreciate art and get inspiration from it.




I got a sneak-peak of the inside, it seemed quiet and peaceful. Though I’m sure that the most crowded ones are those “for-selfie” pieces. I’m going back to see the Louvre for sure. Next time when I have all the time to myself. I also remember my arts professor telling the class before, it would take you a week to full explore the Louvre. That’s what I’m gonna do.


Next was the craziest idea ever. Walk from Louvre to the Arc of Triumph. In short, walk the whole Avenue des Champs-Élysées. My feet never got tired like this before. And I’ve never burned my skin like this before (after arriving in Europe, of course). But there was a pay-off. We were able to meet and have a photo with a celebrity. Sarah Geronimo. A very popular pop-singer in the Philippines. I didn’t regret walking the whole avenue.

We also passed by in a small gallery on the way. I loved the installations and the paintings were amazing. I wish I live in Paris.

The narrow walkways with vendors displaying their goods reminded me of Manila. Those days of walking along Recto.

Layer 2



Layer 0

Layer 1




Reaching the Arc, it looked somehow familiar to me. Right. I’ve been in a similar place before, but a smaller one. In Ieper, Belgium. This colossal arc looks so magnificent. Like most architectures and sculptures around Paris, this too, was so detailed.

After this, it was time to bid goodbye to my friends and go back to my original party. My were really tired at that time, and I just wanted to go back to the hotel.

Layer 5

Layer 4

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