One Spring Day

April 14, 2016

After arriving in Bonn, the next day I decided to go check out the Centre, a common in any European cities and towns. I’m staying in a place quite far from the centre so I had to take the metro, called U-Bahn (oo-bahn).

It was a fine warm day. I missed the sun and the warmth. As someone who lived in the Philippines and hated the sun, I never expected that I would crave for it after arriving in Europe.

I decided to go see Beethoven’s house, with only a map I decided to walk. I passed by the Bonner Munster (Bonn Minster), one of the oldest Roman catholic churches in Germany. It had two severed head sculptures in front. I later learned that they were the saints of that church.

I passed by this lively park where lots of people are having a good time.

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I also went a detour to go check out a pink tree on the other side in which I thought was a cherry blossom. But after getting close to it and seeing the flowers, I was convinced it wasn’t.

Going back on my track and getting hungry, I saw a sushi bar and decided to have lunch there. It tasted normal and I’d say worth the pay. I’d go back if I can. Plus there’s a cute guy serving there, lol.

This was probably before getting to the park. A shopping area. I have a poor memory. And when I go around places, I don’t really remember where I go. I’d just walk and take photos randomly until I reach a certain destination. Sometimes, I don’t even have one, I just go around the city.

The street where Beethoven’s house is full of establishments as well. I’m sorry to disappoint you if I don’t have photos of the inside of Beethoven’s house. I didn’t go in. I had the entrance fee for lunch instead. My bad. But I’ll definitely go again later. For my brother who loves classical music. And might as well go for a Beethoven walk.

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