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Finding Matcha in Belgium

November 11, 2016

Matcha has been my favorite beverage ever since I first tasted it. In any cafes I go to in the Philippines, that’s what I would always order. So coming here in Europe, I totally missed the green tea powdered goodness that I used to always drink.

I even tried the imitation Matcha powdered drinks I found in shops but it was no help. Nothing could beat an authentic match made in Japan. Luckily, the Lord may have heard my prayers and I’ve seen some cafes here in Belgium now starting to offer matcha beverages.

Starbucks Teavana

I learned about the newly released line from Starbucks when my favorite blogger in the Philippines snapped a photo the Matcha & Espresso Fusion drink in her Instagram. Although Starbucks Belgium doesn’t have that beverage in their list yet, they had the Citrus & Green Tea Latte instead. It’s still matcha, so I gave it a try. I specifically noted to the barista that I didn’t want any citrus in it, only green tea. But the barista didn’t clearly understood what I meant, I guess. I still could sense citrus-y bits in my drink.


The citrus blends with the matcha, making it weak, which I don’t like. I could hardly taste the matcha at all. Thank goodness, the drink was on promo and it was free. But hey, Starbucks made a comeback! A few weeks later, I saw a change in their menu. Now they have the only Green Tea Latte in the menu. No blends. Just matcha and milk. They even pronounce it “matka” lol.


This tastes exactly the same of my always go-to order in Starbucks Philippines. Finally they brought it here! I could sense that matcha aroma that I love, as well as the bitter aftertaste of the tea. It was good and delicious but not the best Matcha Latte I had.


I was surprised that this new healthy-concept cafe in Kortrijk now have green tea in their menu. As a matcha lover, I immediately wanted to try it. I had it for take-away as I wait for my train so I didn’t have photos of it. But for my verdict, it wasn’t good. It was more milk than green tea. I couldn’t taste nor smell the green tea at all. I love Maona Cafe and I hope they’ll improve it.

Viggos Cafe

Walking around Antwerp, I stumbled upon this cafe when I found myself in the middle of an unknown square, right after the China Town. Looking for a warm place, and a warm drink, and lunch, I entered this cozy concept cafe.



I first supposed to order a latte macchiato, but upon spotting matcha latte, I quickly ran back to the barista to change my order. I waited for some quite time for my order to arrive, but I tell you, it was worth it! That’s why their Matcha Latte deserves to be the featured image of this post!


Their matcha latte matches the authentic ones I used to order in Japanese cafes back in the Philippines. The blend of milk and tea was so good, that the aroma and aftertaste were so perfect. If Viggos Cafe was just next door, I will always grab a cup of their delicious Matcha Latte. And for 3,50 Euros, they completely beat Starbucks!

You can visit Viggos Cafe here:
De Coninckplein 21
2060 Antwerpen-Noord

I’m still in search for the best matcha beverage in Belgium (and nearby countries) so if you have cafes you want to recommend, feel free to share them below in the comments section! For now, Viggos Cafe wins this round.

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  • Reply Brandy April 5, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    I’m not much of a tea drinker but I’m crazy about Starbucks Teavana drinks – especially the Strawberry acai with lemonade in substitute for water.

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